New CyberUL Response Article From John Tan
July 2nd, 2015

Sixteen and a half years after I first proposed looking at the Underwriters Laboratories as a model for addressing security issues in Cyberspace, the idea has actually reached the White House's agenda; not as a talking point but as an action item.

While the vast majority of comments have been positive and supportive of the idea being implemented, there have been a handful of opinions on the other side. The frustrating part being that the arguments being made suggest the critics haven't read the entire paper. I hope to call out some of the misconceptions that are incorrectly positioning what my CyberUL paper was, to some extent, proposing.


Mudge Leaves Google to Start Cyber UL
June 30, 2015

One of the longstanding problems in security - and the software industry in general - is the lack of any universally acknowledged authority on quality and reliability. But the industry moved one step closer to making such a clearinghouse a reality this week when Peiter Zatko, a longtime researcher and hacker better known as Mudge in security circles, announced he's leaving Google to start an initiative designed to be a cyber version of Underwriters' Laboratory.

Zatko said on Monday that he had decided to leave Google's Advanced Technology and Projects team and start a cyber UL, at the behest of the White House.

"Goodbye Google ATAP, it was a blast. The White House asked if I would kindly create a #CyberUL, so here goes!" Zatko said on Twitter.

More information available here:
Washington Post Interviews The L0pht
June 17, 2015
SOURCE Boston 2013 To Host CTF Hacking Competition
February 19, 2013
SOURCE is hosting its first ever CTF hacking challenge this year, on-site, right after the main conference. DilDog is one of the organizers of the event.
For more details, and to register, please visit
DilDog Finally Updates His Homepage
September 22th, 2012
Yes, I realize this isn't news, it's isn't security, it may or may not even be interesting in the slightest. But I did update my homepage to reflect new projects and release some music I've written. Enjoy.
Mudge To Keynote SOURCE Boston 2011
March 24th, 2011
The first SOURCE Boston conference in 2008 featured the L0pht in a panel discussion to discuss the progress of the security industry. This year, Peiter Zatko / Mudge is keynoting the event on Friday. SOURCE Boston 2011 is April 20th-22nd, at the Seaport Hotel in downtown Boston.
DilDog Talks L0phtCrack 7
December 9th, 2011
L0phtCrack is one of the most used tools by security professionals worldwide. After years of inactivity, version 6 was released in 2009 and development hasn't halted since. In the video below, L0phtCrack co-author Christien Rioux talks about the upcoming version and introduces some of the new features:
  • A new reporting engine
  • Live graphs drill-down
  • A pluggable extensible system
  • Graphics card-based cracking acceleration
  • XML, PDF exporting.
Click here to watch the video...
Sign The Mudge For Cyber-Security Czar Petition!
September 17th, 2009
Peiter Zatko / Mudge has been drafted for Cyber Security Czar, lets get some signatures on this petition!

Sign the petition here!
DilDog Re-Launches Extremely Simple Homepage
July 28th, 2009
I have created a homepage. It's only got one thing on it at the moment.

But you know how these things go. If you're going to be short on style, be short on content, that's what I always say.

Check twitter for updates on this page, I'll post excerpts, headlines, and obituaries to @dildog.
Article: Hacker Group L0pht Makes a Comeback, of Sorts
July 24th, 2009
From the PCWorld Article:
The news report begins with shots of a tense space shuttle launch. Engineers hunch over computer banks and techno music pounds in the background. There is a countdown, a lift-off, and then you see a young man in a black T-shirt and sunglasses, apparently reporting from space. This is the Hacker News Network, and after a decade offline it is lifting off again, this time with a quirky brand of video reports about security.

Hacker News Network is one of the side projects of the Boston-based hacker collective known as L0pht Heavy Industries. They're the guys who famously told the U.S. Congress that they could take down the Internet in about 30 minutes, and who helped invent the way that security bugs are reported to computer companies.
(read more)

Exotic Liability Interviews Chris Rioux and Chris Wysopal
June 28st, 2009
Exotic Liability podcasts Chris Rioux and Chris Wysopal. Discussed are matters of computer security, business, and life after thirty. Come listen as we cast our pod.

Exotic Liability 22: Christien Rioux
Exotic Liability 20: Chris Wysopal
Hacker News Network (HNN) Re-Launch Announced
June 1st, 2009
COMING SOON! Watch for the ALL NEW Hacker News Network! Featuring your charming host, Space Rogue, and his velvet wonderglove John Tan, this video documentary and news coverage channel will keep you firmly in your chair as it chronicles the exploits and goings-on of the underground's finest. Don't be a f00l, watch HNN!

(caveat: exact release date to be determined. stay tuned.)
L0pht Website Returns
June 21st, 2009
Welcome back L0pht homepage.

Who knows where ye may roam, this page the L0pht calls home;
Bear us well to depths of the net, where devils lie and angels fret.
And cross your fingers, we ain't done yet.
L0phtCrack 6 Released
June 1st, 2009
It's time to audit your passwords, people. This is going to get old fast. Hell, it's old already. L0phtCrack 6 is out, 11 years after the first commercially available version hit the net.

We made L0phtCrack available once again because hard core security professionals have found it to be the best and have yearned for up-to-date OS support. L0phtCrack is still a mainstay at many leading security consulting firms and the US military.

Poppin' fresh, get it today and instruct your fellow co-workers on the importance of password security. It's your duty. You KNOW that half of em are 'password1' or their dogs name or something. COME ON PEOPLE.